World Wide Wax


IT only took us until 2019 but we finally have a website which (probably) won’t cause mayhem every five minutes as one bit or another falls off or yet another automated bastard hacker trips the security and brings the portcullis slamming down on some innocent gent as he goes peacefully about his business of stocking up on fresh supplies of Bounder. It was a damn nuisance for everyone so we decided to shift operations from something called Woocommerce to Shopify. If it’s less of a pain in the arse for all concerned — especially me — then that is a Good Thing.

New stuff will doubtless be bolted on over the next few weeks and we may even have a stab at making the pictures look a bit more professional but don’t hold your breath. Hopefully, the new site should be looking pretty good by about 2038, if past performance is anything to go by. Why rush things?

All the best,

Mr. Wax

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