Privacy Policy
The Plain-English Version

Quite simply: we believe in treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. 

This applies to personal data: We will only ever use yours in order to fulfil your purchases, to stay in touch about our own good or services or to help you share in the joy of showing off your magnificent whiskers. This data is, for the foreseeable future, likely to be limited to name, address, email, photographs you supply to be featured on the website and links you provide to other websites or social media outlets.  Nothing will be shared without your explicit permission, on emails or in external publications websites or social media. For example, if you send us a particularly wonderful snap of your prize-winning moustache, we will always ask for your permission (probably via an accountable system such as an email with an “opt-in” button) before posting it on Instagram. And, of course, if in the future you should decide that you no longer wish Instagram to be graced with your photograph, we would remove it on demand. Ditto for any other site, of course.

We will NEVER sell or pass on your data to anyone else unless in the provision of our services to you, for example, in the form of an address for mailing or insurance or if required for some specific legal reason.  


We will ALWAYS respect your wishes regarding the data we hold on you. If you wish to amend it or delete it you should be able to do so yourself via our website or, if more practical, by simply asking us. In all but the most exceptional circumstances we should be able to do this for you within a working day, if not absolutely immediately.

Finally, like any other business handling the personal data of citizens of the European Union, we are bound by the GDPR regulations which have resulted in all our inboxes being stuffed to the brim with requests for opting-in to future communications. And, like so many other businesses, we are attempting in good faith to comply with these new laws.
Because we have only ever communicated with customers or direct enquirers to us, we will exercise our legal right to contact but all emails, etc. will carry clear Opt-In and Unsubscribe links. Quite apart from the letter of the law, it is only good manners not to be a nuisance.

 The full legal statement below is, we hope, comprehensive enough to cover both us and you but will be subject to amendment as required. To be honest, it is a bit of a headache for everyone from the largest corporation to the smallest outfit and we are particularly grateful that our customers have always proven themselves to be decent, reasonable ladies and gentlemen. So, if you should consider that we have screwed-up with your data in some way, please get in touch with us and let us know what’s wrong before calling the lawyers! We really have no interest in your personal information beyond helping you to physically receive products you have ordered, to stay in touch and provide helpful information about them and, hopefully, to have a bit of fun once in a while.

All the best,

Mr. Wax