Bounder drier than the Sahara? Read on!

Bounder Revival Method

Bounder Revival Tips

  • When you first open a tin of Bounder it will be smooth, creamy and easy to apply. A quick scoop with the back of a thumbnail and it is ready to tame your ‘tache.
  • However, if you have found a long-forgotten tin and the contents have dried out, do not fear! Your Bounder can be easily revived and put back to work on your whiskers.
  • Bounder is a heavy emulsion which works by by drying on your whiskers, meaning that it does not leave them greasy, unlike other waxes, which work by cooling their mixture of wax and oils.
  • An opened tin of Bounder, once the seal is broken, may eventually dry out. The method below explains how to bring it back from the dead.


Bounder can be revived by simply warming and stirring in a drop or two of rum or any other spirits. Water works just fine, though booze is, of course, sterile, which helps a lot; where's there's water there's microbes!

Warm it by putting a bit of paper in a frying pan (to catch any spills), place the tin on top (with lid unscrewed) and very gently heat it well above the flame.

When it not quite liquid, stir in just a couple of drops of rum (or any other spirit - or even just water, at a pinch) and let it cool with the lid placed, unscrewed, on top. And “drops” means just that - no more than will drip off the end of a (well manicured) finger.

Do not try and seal it whilst liquid as there is a high chance of spilling it everywhere (molten Bounder gets everywhere, instantly) and, even if successful, the vacuum created as it cools will make getting back into the tin with anything less than a pneumatic drill practically impossible. Take it off the heat, let it cool — AND BE PATIENT!

Should you find that the revived Bounder is still not to your liking, then repeat. However, don't be tempted to dump in too much rum too soon or the resulting slop will be useless for anything but a warning to others!